It’s summer in Texas. It’s hot. People spend a lot of time floating on, around and in pools. I like to spend time in the lazy river, letting the current do the work. While lounging in the pool, it dawned on me that there is a concept of marriage that is like a lazy river. If you just flow with the current of marriage, it’s predictable and does not require much effort on your part. It appears easy. There is however a price to be paid. Just like if you refused to exercise your body and only floated while in the pool; you wouldn’t get the physical benefits of hard work.

The lazy river of marriage. Sadly, the “natural” selfish current of marriage is flowing towards deadness. Without consistent effort, two people who were passionate about one another are now just frustrated roommates. Conversations that onced flowed easily are now icy and difficult even about small things. Hopes, goals and dreams that a couple shared together are now dead and loneliness has taken up residence within the home.

Floating in a marriage is a plan for disaster. If you want a vibrant marriage, stop floating and start swimming against the current. Make an effort to reconnect, make an effort to break down walls and make an effort to fight the tendency towards taking the easiest path possible.