Trauma-Informed Therapy

Shannon Thomas is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has extensively researched, written, and presented on the topic of trauma therapy. Shannon works with clients who have experienced a wide range of life events and experiences that qualify as traumatic. Some of them include:

  • Psychological abuse within romantic relationships
  • Financial exploitation and abuse
  • Toxic friendships
  • Family of origin neglect and abuse
  • Workplace bullying and sabotage
  • Destructive in-law relationships and influence
  • Spiritual & religious control
  • Adult-child abuse directed at parents and extended family members
  • Exploitation within settings that include an imbalance of power between victim and perpetrator(s)

The journey into the personal history of individuals with trauma in their life story should only be guided by a licensed mental health professional with the skills, training, empathy, and awareness to guide the client through that history and into healing.

Trauma therapy isn’t simply about returning and re-living the most frightening moments of our lives. Well-informed trauma therapy is about unraveling how our life experiences have impacted our thoughts about ourselves, our current choices, and the connection between mind & body, and creating an individualized path to a more enjoyable post-trauma life.

DBT Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – also known as DBT Therapy – is a highly researched and well-regarded set of core skills intended to help counseling clients create a life they find authentically fulfilling and socially connected. DBT is an excellent therapy choice for those whose life experiences include generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and/or trauma. 

DBT therapy helps clients develop the ability to better regulate their emotions, develop distress tolerance skills to manage daily life stressors and create healthy relationships. DBT skills help to improve the inner view clients hold of themselves and others around them. 

Shannon is a DBT-Informed therapist and integrates aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills as they fit within a client’s personal goals for counseling.

The core foundation of DBT therapy is creating a life worth living. 

Mid-Life Women

Shannon specializes in working with women as they face the many-faceted changes that come with entering their 40-50s. This season in life brings layers of physiological, emotional, relational, and career challenges. It can be a time of honest reflection and taking an authentic inventory of personal and professional fulfillment. Underlining mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression can become exacerbated during this stage, and counseling is an excellent source of confidential support.