Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 06/05/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Often times we get the “opportunity” to repeat a life lesson we’ve already learned. For example, we figure out how to set boundaries with people who are excessive takers (as opposed to givers) and wouldn’t you know it, here comes another taker so we get to fine tune our boundary skills even better. It may seem annoying but in fact, it’s a blessing to be reminded of how far we have come in our own personal growth. Besides, all excessive takers need to hear no more often.

2) Many kids and teens deal with anxiety and panic attacks. There are ways parents can help their children learn through these experiences so the youth can become more self-contained emotionally. There are also ways parents can hinder their children’s emotional well-being. When in doubt, see a counselor for guidance. Childhood anxiety handled poorly can lead to phobia development that is crippling to the youth’s future.

3) Love that reaches your soul is rare and is to be protected and cherished when it finds you.

4) Just because today may look dark and overwhelming, it doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. It is always shocking to me how the emotional conditions can vary from day to day. Hang tight if today is dark and appreciate it if today is bright!

5) Stressed out? Get alone with some good music that is gentle to your spirit. It’s amazing what quiet time will do to change your perspective on things.  Life just comes at all of us much too quickly, so getting away for a bit is a must.

What’s on your list?