Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 06/13/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Just because someone doesn’t believe what you say, doesn’t mean you didn’t speak the truth. They may not be ready to hear it.  Be patient. There was once something(s) we didn’t believe were true, but in fact were and now we can recognize it.

2) Sometimes God shows up in ways we would not have expected. I hope our theology is flexible enough to allow God to reveal new things to us. Pastoral teaching is great unless it limits our ability to see God in how He is speaking to us personally.

3) Enjoying people and needing people are two totally different concepts. It’s ok to need folks in our lives but not to be needy of them.  If that difference is blurry to you, it might help to talk it out with a friend or a counselor. Many people confuse the two and it creates all types of relationship problems.

4) Want to know what is in someone’s heart? Watch what they do without thinking. Do they automatically lend a hand or always have to be asked to help out? Do they automatically compliment or does a snarky remark fly out of their mouth without thinking? Automatic actions illustrate what resides in the heart of people.

5) A small group of trusted companions is of greater value than a crowd of people who don’t authentically care. Let’s not get caught up in the number of friends, but rather the depth of the connections.

What’s on your list?