Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 09/25/13


 Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Sleep is so very critical to our overall well-being. Skimping on it to do other things is ok for a very short season but it can’t become a habit without it catching up in a negative way. I will try and remind myself this tonight as I stay up reading; probably much too late for my own good.

2) Parents of seniors in high school: Breathe. Try not to let the stress of this season in life overshadow the fact that in a few short months your babies will be launching out as adults; as crazy as that might seem. You’ll never get this time back, so enjoy it.

3) Adult emotional bullying comes in a variety of forms. If you sense you might be on the receiving end of bullying, you probably are. Talk to a friend, family member or counselor if you have a bully in your life. It’s very toxic to ignore the situation and let the bully go unchecked. We often start to slowly believe the bully and/or lose touch with how inappropriate their behaviors are towards us.

4) If someone neglects or rejects us romantically it doesn’t automatically mean that they believe we are not good enough for them. Sometimes people push away because they don’t see themselves as good enough for us. Guard your self-esteem if you are or have been neglected or rejected in a relationship. The reasons for the behaviors are not always what they seem.

5) Getting out of depression isn’t just about someone pulling themselves up by their bootstraps; as many people try to suggest. There are different factors to a person getting overwhelmed by hopelessness. Getting out of the dark hole takes several steps and just trying to “be happy” isn’t one of them. If you find yourself dealing with depression, talk to someone who understands the struggle. Even if you can’t see it today, things really can get better.

What’s on your list?