Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 05/15/13


Ten Things I’ve Learned Or Was Reminded Of

These Past Two Weeks:

Yes, you are getting double the adventure this time. Last Wednesday when I should have been blogging, I was in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios Island of Adventure repeatedly going on Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges.  Soaking wet doesn’t begin to describe it.  I enjoyed Universal Studios way more than I expected!

Ok, so now to my double list:

1) DisneyWorld is an icon and must be visited often during childhood and as an adult. It is a life must.

2) Nothing beats a Mickey shaped ice-cream sundae at 8pm when you’ve been at Magic Kingdom since opening and plan to close the place. Manna from heaven indeed; Mickey shaped.

3) There are times when nothing beats feeling the airplane wheels leave the runway and your vacation has official begun. Ahh, exhale and relax.

4) Exercise comes in a variety of forms and the key is to find what YOU enjoy more than all the other things you hate doing. I don’t enjoy swimming so I don’t do it.

5) If someone is not willing to try and compromise to find a happy medium that is agreeable to you both, then they must be willing to lose the relationship. Compromise is a requirement for healthy interactions with people and it is made from humility, confidence and empathy.

6) There are layers and layers to the how and why we make the decisions we do. We need to be patient with ourselves and others because personal growth rarely comes quickly.

7) Weep not for the memories. Reflect on them fondly because at one point, the moments brought great joy. I know this is easier said than done.

8) …”but I’m too old to go chasing you around, wasting my precious energy.” Thanks Tracey Chapman for great song lyrics. It’s applicable in many circumstances.

9) Parents need to keep a watchful eye for natural gifting and talents in their children and do everything they can to help their kids gain deeper skills in those areas. Don’t force kids to participate in sports/activities that they don’t really enjoy.

10) Sometimes people just need to be told that they are ruining the good things in their life. They honestly don’t see it themselves; as shocking as it might seem.

What’s on your list?