I am currently doing one of my least favorite things in all of creations – riding in a car for an extended period of time. I can’t stand road trips. I know, it’s a very un-American statement. Hollywood has given us many iconic movies about the adventure and wonders of road trips. All their messages have fallen on deaf ears with me.

The beauty of road trips is that you set out on the open highway with many sights and sounds to be experienced. That all sounds very nice. But as anyone who has gone on a road trip can tell you, not all goes as planned. Roads are closed, cars break down, kids have “protein spills” in the back seats, etc. The sheer number of potential diversions and mishaps that could occur is endless! There in point is the root of my issue with road trips. I don’t like unscheduled setbacks. Hilarious as it might be because life is full of setbacks and 100% are unscheduled. I seem to have more grace for setbacks not involving car rides though.

So the life lesson for me on this trip can be summed up in one word; surrender. I need to take all my expectations and hand them to Jesus. I need to surrender to the joys of traveling with my family and a group of friends for a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I need to trust that the setbacks we will experience will not be out of the sight of my wonderful Lord who has it all planned out perfectly. Wishing you a wonderfully surrendered Labor Day weekend.