As some of you know, I recently went on a silent retreat. It was by far one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Although I was a bit dismayed when I initially told people that I was going because many laughed out loud and wondered how I would manage no talking for several days. I am a talker I will admit but I honestly loved the silence in a way not even I had expected.

My desire to attend a silent retreat came about after reading “Leading on Empty” by Wayne Cordeiro. As the owner and lead therapist of a growing ministry, I have been in a very blessed, but busy season in life. In the book, Wayne Cordeiro states that “we don’t forget that we are Christians. We forget that we are human.” So I read (devoured is more accurate) the book and took to heart and soul the principles the author was sharing. Even to the point of going a silent retreat as he had. Although he high-tailed it out of the monastery around day five and headed to the nearest coffee shop for the day. I assure you that I did not follow that direction! No, I sat quietly before my Lord and listened. Listened to the birds chirping, listened to the sound of the trees swaying in the breeze, listened to that still small voice that I love so much. I truly had an Elijah experience – minus the disdain for living though! I slept, ate, slept and ate some more and then received direction from God.

If you feel that you can relate to the concept of leading on empty, I highly encourage you to pick up the book by Wayne Cordeiro. Read with a determination to hear God through it and book yourself a silent retreat to get direction for the next phase of your life. If you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I recommend Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Dallas. However, if you are out of town, the web is full of faith-based retreats that can meet your need to encounter God through silence.