Who wouldn’t love to take a sabbatical?  To leave the pressures of daily work and responsibilities behind and have an extended period of time to eat, sleep and recharge? I can think of no one that I know who wouldn’t jump at the chance to enjoy a sabbatical rest.

But very few people have the luxury of such an endeavor.   To be able to leave on a formal sabbatical, one must have their financial house in order in such a way that bills will get paid even while they are away from work.  So let’s say savings could nicely cover a three month leave of absence, there is still the issue of being granted extended time away from a job.  Unless it is for a medical or family emergency, most employers don’t allow leave of absences just so you or I can make our world stop spinning for a little while so we can catch our breath.

What do we do if we know we are in need of a sabbatical but are unable to formally take one? We have sabbatical moments. We carve out seconds, minutes or hours of our busy days to do the things we would do IF we were on sabbatical.  Having quiet time alone, enjoying laughter with a friend, listening to music, watching movies, exercising, sleeping, going to a bookstore, try a new hobby, etc etc. The list is endless really. Go ahead and make your own list of the things you would do if you were on a formal three month sabbatical and then try and incorporate at least some of your ideas into the days and weeks ahead. 

The important thing to remember is that even if you are not able to take a break from work and busyness, we all must enjoy many sabbatical moments to recharge or we will end up feeling worn out and weary.