With the beginning of the new year, many conversations have turned to individual’s goals regarding weight loss.

There are several common behaviors that I have noticed in people who struggle with weight management. For those of you who don’t know my background, I understand weight issues personally and have as of today, lost over 118lbs.  So I get the struggle. Believe me.

One pattern of behavior that I have witnessed is the use of guilt while eating. It goes something like this:
A person is driving down the street and is hungry. They think about what to have and one on side of the road is Subway and a “healthier” option. On the other side of the street is Taco Bell without any healthy tacos to be found. What to do, what to do?!

Once the decision has been made that Taco Bell is the food of choice, many folks will sit and eat their entire meal feeling guilty. Telling themselves they shouldn’t be eating this, they should have gone to Subway, etc.

I think these are sabotaging behaviors. If Taco Bell is going to be the option you choose, ENJOY IT! Why waste the calories you are taking in by also swallowing guilt at the same time?  In fact, by not fully enjoying your meal, you are more likely to want another “treat” later. 

I really appreciate the way the French culture encourages their people to enjoy good food and drink; all in moderation. A little cheese, bread and wine never hurt anyone. Little being the important word.

Live it up and enjoy your food. Don’t make a choice to eat something unhealthy and then berate yourself the entire meal or there after. If you’re going to splurge – just enjoy it!! No reason to waste the calories and not have fully savored the meal.