You’ve probably heard the same type of sermons I have about how jealousy is evil and should be avoided at all cost. Sure, let’s not wallow in jealousy, letting it bring a dark cloud over our lives, but I think jealousy can be a very helpful emotion actually. That ping of envy that we all feel from time to time can be extremely useful in helping motivate us. Sometimes we just don’t know what we want in life and taking note of those moments when we feel envious can be a great starting point to getting some momentum going towards a new goal.

Clients have shared with me a wide range of circumstances when they felt the pain of jealousy. Several talked about feeling jealous of people who are:

– reaching an exercise goal
– making advancements in their careers and/or financial stability
– getting married
– starting a family
– being bold in their lives and doing something adventurous

The list could go on and on but you get the point. For me, the most recent ping of jealousy I felt was when a friend talked about how her and her husband were going on a weekend getaway and were traveling with close friends. I was super happy for my friend and I also immediately noticed my feelings. Instead of  feeling sorry for myself and allowing bitterness to take root, I decided to be proactive and I am looking for an opportunity to have a similar experience. My friend showed me something I didn’t even realize I wanted and I am thankful for the insight.

The next time someone says something to you and you feel that twinge of jealousy, stop and take note. What is it that you are envious of and can you bring even a small part of what you are jealous of into your life? Try it and see what happens.