Have you ever met a Drama Fly? You know, the type of people that buzz around creating drama where ever they land? These flies might be whizzing around the proverbial water-cooler at work or lazily hanging on the fence chatting it up with a neighbor or click-clacky talking on their cell phones. Their sole mission is to stir up drama because they can’t live without it. Life becomes too peaceful or stable and POOF! Off to flight they go to drop nuggets of word-goo at just the right time in order to set into motion a series of events that will get their blood pumping just a little (or a lot) faster.

Isn’t everyone in pursuit of a quiet peaceful life? Nope. That type of existence simply doesn’t work for some individuals. They are not to be demonized here but rather we are to gain a better insight into their actions and motives so we can avoid getting caught in their webs (if flies created webs, that is, but you get my point).

Drama flies. They can’t sit still long enough to allow their heart rate to lower to a nice rhythmic pulse. That’s super duper uncomfortable for these folks. Only in drama and chaos do they feel truly alive. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of starting a good war between people or maybe it’s the power that comes from flicking the first domino and watching the rest fall at their own touch. There are as many reasons why they do what they do, as there are flies out there in your world and mine.

So what is a person who doesn’t like drama supposed to do? Recognize the flies for what they are. We don’t necessarily always have the luxury of bringing out a very large fly swatter and taking care of the problem. We often can’t just cut off contact with people who create drama (fly swatter example) so instead we have to recognize when they start to hover and are looking for a place to land and vomit their gossip. Drama flies love gossip. They also love embarrassing other people or trying to ever so casually interject a backhanded put down. Maybe they think we don’t see it and sometimes we don’t, but often we do. I think we almost always feel it though. We may feel slightly more aggravated after we come in contact with them. If we can’t use a swatter and get away, bug repellent is a good idea. That comes in the form of not taking the bait the next time we are invited into drama.  Laugh it off, talk about something else or simply choose to not take to heart what the drama fly is saying are all ways we can repel the efforts to suck us in.

We must always remember that not everyone wants an authentic life so we have to be aware that statistics would tell us that we are very likely to come into contact with a drama fly sooner than later.

Do you know who the drama fly is in your life?