Domestic violence is an issue that many people believe only happens within adult relationships, but sadly it frequently occurs in relationships involving teens. The issues of power, control and manipulation are not restricted to adults. I was reminded this week that the lasting affects of teen violence is that it produces young women who believe lies about themselves, men and utlimately about God as well. Teaching young women how to live balanced lives is a very important step in equipping them to resist violence in their relationships.

As adult women, we need to be positive role models of not allowing our romantic relationships to become all consuming of our time and attention. We need to show young women how to have healthy girlfriend relationships, how to spend quality time alone and how to hunger after God’s will for our lives. Teen girls that tolerate violence in their relationships have often made a boyfriend their primary social support. They isolate from their girlfriends, spend less time with family members and stop particpating in hobbies that they once enjoyed. Their world revolves around their boyfriend and that is where trouble can begin. As parents, let us be sure that our daugthers understand what a balanced life should look like and help her to attain that for herself – even if she resists.