I just finished reading an article in Bloomberg Businessweek. The topic is an Internet site that caters to adultery and acts as a dating service for those looking to be unfaithful. As a Christian and as a wife, everything about the website offends me. It would have been really easy to overlook that one article in the magazine and moved on to read about something else. However, I believe it is important to stay informed regarding the deterioration of our culture. We know better how to pray when we are informed.

After reading the article about the adultery website, a sad pattern was very clear. There is a trend in the spikes of new registrations on the website. The spikes follow the day after several significant holidays.

The day after New Year’s Day – an increase of 78% for men and 22% for women
The day after Valentine’s Day – an increase of 52% men and 48% women
The day after Mother’s Day – an increase of 23% men and 77% women
The day after Father’s day – an increase of 87% men and 13% women

With these statistics in hand, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the trend. Something went wrong in these people’s lives on those holidays that led to disappointment and disillusionment about the state of their marriage. Disappointment in marriage opens the door to wrong thoughts, which can then lead to wrong actions. If you feel dissapointed in your marriage, find someone to talk to about the situation before those feelings lead you to choices that you may regret.