Shannon Thomas

Shannon Thomas, LCSW-S

As Owner and Lead Therapist, it is my greatest desire our clients find a confidential space where they feel comfortable talking about anything and everything going on in their lives. It is very easy to hide our real feelings, even from those closest to us.

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), my primary area of specialty is recovery from abuse in all its forms. I write extensively on the topic as a media content expert ( My international bestselling book, Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse was ranked #1 Self-Help (Abuse) and #1 Hot New Release Self-Help (Abuse) on

I also specialize in working with women as they face the many-faceted changes that come with entering their 40-50s. This season in life brings layers of physiological, emotional, relational, and career challenges. It can be a time of honest reflection and taking an authentic inventory of personal and professional fulfillment. Underlining mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression can become exacerbated during this stage, and counseling is an excellent source of confidential support.

I began working with families in 2000, started in private practice counseling in 2007, and opened Southlake Christian Counseling in 2009. I have a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz and received my Master of Social Work degree from San Jose State University. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor for post-graduate interns working towards their LCSW licensure.

The standard session rate is $125.

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Shannon Thomas

Meagan Reid, LCSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Senior Staff Therapist, it is my goal to help my clients succeed and achieve their goals. I believe people are resilient and have unique strengths within them; they just need helping tapping into it. I strive to help people improve and enhance their strengths and skills as they move through life.

As a tenured therapist at SCC, I specialize in working with teenagers, young adults, and married couples. I believe everyone has the capacity to grow and heal at their own pace, in their own way, and as a therapist, it is my duty to create a safe space for my clients to do just that. I also utilize creative techniques, such as music, art, and other interests of my clients during sessions to create an outlet for emotions and communication.

I also specialize in depression, anxiety, and trauma recovery with clients who are working through past or present experiences. Life in and of itself is hard to tackle at times and having added stressors and challenges can make mountains seem impossible to climb. However, with the right tools and support, anything is possible.

I received my Master of Social Work degree in 2015 from Texas Christian University.

The standard session rate is $125.

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Shannon Thomas

Lindsey Simon, LMFT Associate

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, I know seeking out and engaging in marriage or family counseling can be a challenging decision and it is important to me as a therapist to provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for people to share and work through their concerns. I work collaboratively with my clients to develop measurable treatment goals that provide structure to our therapy sessions.

My experience and training include working with clients through a variety of relationship milestones, as well as challenges. They include marriage unity, blended families, pre-marital counseling, infidelity restoration, conflict resolution, communication challenges, parenting, and life-stage transitions.

For pre-marital clients, I am trained as a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator.

I graduated with my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Arizona State University in 2018. I am completing my post-graduate clinical hours under both the license off-site supervision of Rachel Falbo, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-S, and employment supervision of SCC owner/lead therapist, Shannon Thomas LCSW-S.

The standard session rate is $115

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