We hear it said all the time, ‘where words fail, music speaks.’ Yet, we underestimate how true that statement can be. Music can help us release emotions, de-stress, and overcome pain; among other things. In my work as a therapist, I’ve discovered how powerful music really is. During sessions, I utilize music activities to help individuals grow and overcome.

One example of this is my use of song lyrics. Individuals listen to songs with the lyrics printed out and are able to mark what they feel, relate to, and so forth, but may not be able to vocalize. They are empowered to open up to how they feel, because someone has given them the words. The concrete verses allow for a dialogue to happen with the individual leading the way.

Furthermore, music can help put things into perspective and show different sides of situations. It can set a tone that allows people to reflect. In addition to having individuals use song lyrics, I also have them listen to songs that relate to them on some level, i.e., situation, emotion, or mood that they have experienced, and focus on their feelings and thoughts. This can create an energy that leads to personal reflection and insight. The songs create a bridge between what someone has experienced and the words they need in order to cope and move forward.

I believe that everyone has an innate strength and resilience inside them; sometimes they just need assistance with discovering it. That’s where music comes in. After all, it says what we can’t.

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