Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 10/30/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) I am amazed how getting out of a routine for even a few days can lead to all kinds of bad habits reemerging. With my house in disarray because of a remodel, the normal routine is out of whack and good habits go bad quickly for a lot of us. The key is to get right back into our healthier routine as quickly as possible.  Let’s not dwell on the bad habits and instead start right now with getting back to those habits that make us feel healthy, strong and positive about our self-control skills.

2) God really does orchestra great things for us, even when we are not so sure at the time. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can often see later on why a certain thing in life didn’t work out and it was ultimately for our benefit. If today something isn’t working out the way you had hoped for, hang tight. With enough time and distance from the disappointment, clarity WILL come and you might even end of up feeling grateful for that thing that didn’t work out.

3) We should never underestimate the power of good people in our lives. They are the human clue that helps hold us together when life is less than desirable and they are the ones that bring the biggest smiles to our faces. If you have these types of friends in your life, you are blessed indeed. If true authentic companions are missing from your life, don’t feel embarrassed about that fact. A lot of people feel the exact same way. Get busy, not just doing the same thing everyday, but try new activities and you might just find one or two special people to brighten your life and theirs.

4) There are some great schools with great teachers in the classrooms. However there are also some less than stellar schools with teachers who are doing emotional harm to youth. Bullying doesn’t just come from other kids. Unfortunately it can and does come from adults towards kids in schools too. Listen to your student and hear what he/she has to say about how they are treated in the classroom. If something doesn’t sound right, follow up on it. Don’t just assume all teachers have children’s well-being in mind, sadly.

5) Anxiety is an over accumulation of feelings that weren’t dealt with at the time so like air going into a balloon, if the feelings (air) don’t come out…POP! A panic attack follows. There are many therapeutic resources available to people who are dealing with anxiety. Living with anxiety is exhausting which leads to more anxiety, which leads to more exhaustion, which leads… At some point, we have to try something different to get a different result and the same goes for getting free from anxiety.

What’s on your list?