Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 10/09/13


 Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) We can never discount the connection between physical symptoms and a possible emotional cause. I was talking to a friend of mine and she shared that her stomach had been bothering her for a few days: heart burn, constant slight nausea and a general feeling of illness. The longer we talked, it came out that she had been shoving down feelings lately and hadn’t really allowed herself to fully experience the feelings of sadness and disappointment. With this realization, tears began to well up in her eyes and after a decent amount of girl-talk and some more tears, we parted ways for the day. A few hours later she called to tell me that much to her surprise, her stomach had felt really good and was back to normal for the rest of the day. I strongly believe that the tears and talking helped let out the emotions that were metaphorically sitting in her stomach and causing the discomfort.

2) It’s an incredible blessing to meet a new friend and have an instant rapport based on a similar sense of humor, life experiences and attitudes. We need to treasure those moments and see them for the gifts they are to us.

3) Let’s make sure we have honest and open conversations with our kids while they are young so when they get older the habit of having heart-to-heart talks is a well established routine. Our kids should be learning about life and all its complexities from us, their wise old parents, and not from the dudes or dudettes at school.

4) It’s amazing how autumn Texas weather can make everything in life seem brighter and sunnier. Loving the current climate we are experiencing and soaking it all up before our first freeze hits. This is great camping weather!

5) Everyone, including kids, should learn to play a musical instrument of their choosing. I add “of their choosing” because Mom or Dad picking say, piano, doesn’t count in my book. If you’re an adult, think about an instrument you’ve always wanted to tinker with and go rent it on a monthly basis. Get a beginners workbook while at the music store picking up your rented instrument and learn the basics from the workbook. If you decide to keep going in your musical development, then you can think about lessons down the road. Use the same process with your kids and find what instrument they would like to learn.

What’s on your list?