Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 08/21/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Avoiding conflict in relationships does nothing but allow a pile of grievances to build. If you are not comfortable with dealing with relational issues, you will need to get some new ideas so go read a book on the topic, see a counselor or talk to a friend who appears to have healthy relationships. Sweeping problems under the rug is an option but not a good one if you want the relationship to last and be enjoyable.

2) Having friends of various ages, of the same and different gender than ourselves is healthy because it allows us to have a variety of perspectives on life.

3) If we come from families that had less than stellar communication and relating skills, we must be willing to be the one who does life differently or we will unfortunately repeat what has been imprinted into us during our growing up years. We subconsciously return to what we know if don’t learn something new. It’s just the way it is.

4) I believe when the Bible says God hates divorce, it’s because of the heartache and intense emotional pain that a couple experiences as a marriage is unraveling; it is not disappointment in the people for “failing” as is preached by some pastors.

5) Starbucks’s Very Berry Hibiscus refresher tea is AMAZING and my new favorite drink; right behind Dunkin’s coffee of course.

What’s on your list?