Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 07/31/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) The highs and lows in life are very hard to understand but if we can embrace them as the normal cycle of being a human, then maybe we won’t feel falsely reassured during the highs and not as defeated when the lows hit. Whatever cycle we are currently in will change; in both directions and back again and repeat. It’s just life.

2) No one is all good or all evil. There are many shades of colors within people. We get to decide what colors are acceptable to us for those that we do life with in close proximity.

3) People go through emotional growth seasons in their lives and being along side someone, as support, who is changing and morphing into something better can be challenging for us but so well worth the outcome on the other side for those we care about and love.

4) Manage your money and don’t let it manage you. If money feels like it slips through your fingers quickly, write down everything you spend money on in a month. Not a budget. Just write down what was already spent and where. It’s a great first step to managing it better.

5) People may not love us the way we wish but they might be loving us the only way they know how to or are motivated to do. We have to decide if they are able to meet our love needs or not. Never try to insist that people change how they love. It’s an exercise in futility. Just watch and see what they do or don’t do through their own internal motivation. Politely ask for what we need but never demand it because even if it’s done after our demands, it comes with resentment from the giver.

What’s on your list?