Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 07/05/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

Ok, so just a reminder that this list is comprised of new things I’ve learned or something I knew before but got a refresher. These may be from my own life or while I was observing (aka people watching) the world around me. Not all things on this list will be directly related to MY life but they had an impact on me nonetheless.

1) I am a bigger Star Wars fan than most people know and that probably makes me #1 Nerd of Southlake but I am really ok with that title. Nerds are awesome.

2) I really truly authentically enjoy my work. It’s an incredible blessing and I never take it for granted.

3) Funny how we appreciate things more when we have spent many years not having it; be it relational, material or emotions (like joy, peace or hope).

4) Just because I can make lemonade out of lemons, doesn’t mean I should nor want to park myself in a lemon grove. Some things in life just need to change.

5) Love is good. Just like Charles De Lint said: “There are people who take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back.” No truer words.

What’s on your list?