Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 06/25/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Friends sending birthday wishes are extra special when they remembered on their own and didn’t rely on Facebook to do the job.

2) A good grilled cheese sandwich is worth the likelihood of a food-intolerance kick back the next day. Oh dairy why are you so evil?

3) I knew the native California girl had been long gone when I realized that I was at Cabelas, willingly and (gasp!) by myself. A wow moment for sure. I refuse to ever wear camo though. A woman has to have some standards, right?

4) Just because I drive a Hybrid, am a vegetarian, a therapist and originally from the San Francisco Bay Area does not mean I can’t shoot a gun straight. I can. I am a Texas (transplant) woman after all.

5) There are a few necessities in my life and a good chiropractor is one. I am thankful for Dr. Frank Alamilla of HealthSource in Keller for always putting me back together after my crazy life adventures; like slamming into the wall playing Whirlyball (and no I am not getting paid to say this. I just had a needed appointment today and feel so much better!)

What’s on your list?