Five Things I’ve Learned This Week – 05/29/13


Five Things I’ve Learned This Week or Was Reminded Of:

1) Never underestimate the value of personal growth. I have had the privilege of watching people become transformed through gaining insights into why they behave the way they do.  It’s incredibly special to witness.

2) Strong-willed children need adults who will lead without doing damage to their spirits. As Dr. Dobson says in “The New Strong-Willed Child” – appeasement is an invitation to warfare for strong-willed kids. They crave leadership, even while they buck against it.

3) When you love someone, you don’t let go of the relationship easily.  When the dust of an argument settles and you can’t see yourself without that other person, you know it’s not time to walk away.

4) Far too many people “celebrate” Memorial Day as the first day of summer and having a day off from work/school. It’s not about those things though. It’s all about remembering loved ones and friends who died while serving in our military. I wish more people understood this better.

5) There’s nothing like a new car to show you how dated your nine year old car was becoming. I love my new hybrid. I get to earn these little earth symbols while driving. It makes me laugh every time I see a new one pop up.

What’s on your list?