Engaged and Married Couples

Marriage is meant to be our most fulfilling human connection and all marriages have areas of growth that can cause friction in the relationship. Southlake Christian Counseling equips couples with real solutions that can make significant positive differences in the way spouses relate to one another. Counseling is an excellent resource to get new ideas to resolve the issues that are repeatedly showing up in the interactions between spouses.

Engaged couples are able to utilize the highly effective pre-marriage tool called Prepare-Enrich.  The reports provided from the online assessment are used within the counseling session to help the soon-to-be bride and groom get off on the right foot in many areas where conflict is common in marriage.

Individual Counseling

Life moves at a fast pace and there are a variety of decisions that must be made every day. Many clients of Southlake Christian Counseling share that they enjoy attending counseling because it provides them with a comfortable environment where they can sort through past experiences and the current life choices that they face. Southlake Christian Counseling works with individual clients regarding a variety of issues and decisions. Some include: relationship & family concerns, career path choices, school pressures and the list goes on.

teen counseling

Teens and College Students

The truth is that young adults have many challenges in their daily lives. Teens and college students are typically unprepared for the stress they must face. Southlake Christian Counseling therapists are able to develop solutions that can help guide young adults to overcome the obstacles they are facing so that they can enjoy the feeling of success at an early age.

The therapists of Southlake Christian Counseling have training and experience working with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm (cutting), academic stress, college preparation, peer relationships and a variety of other topics. Southlake Christian Counseling therapists believe that rapport between the therapist and young adult is vital to the overall success of counseling for teens.

Psychological Abuse Recovery

Not all abuse can be seen and not all abuse leaves physical injuries. There is an insidious form of abuse known as Psychological Abuse and it occurs when individuals either grow up in a toxic family, become romantically involved with an emotional abuser or come in contact with harmful individuals in some other area of life. For survivors of this type of abuse, it is vitally important that they work with a therapist who understands all the dynamics that occur when someone has been psychologically harmed by a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath.

SCC Owner and Lead Therapist, Shannon Thomas LCSW-S, and Staff Therapist Jasmyn Jones specialize in recovery from Psychological Abuse.

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